In the United States, local students live in our community. Students want to become fluent with the English language for different purposes such as job improvement, higher education goals, communication with family and better interaction with the American society.

Admission Requirements

  • Fill out the application for admission form.
  • Application fee *free.
  • Mandatory placement test *free.
  • Copy of ID (identification card) *Any.
  • Contact your student advisor.
  • Schedule a placement test.
  • Receive your score.
  • Be placed into the appropriate level.
  • Receive your package of registration.
  • Receive your class materials.

Students Facilities

The purpose of tutoring is to help students help themselves or to assist or guide them to the point at which they become an independent learner, and thus no longer need a tutor. We tutor students with any point of grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, pronunciation, and others.
Our computer lab is used for achievement tests, students’ internet research for language purposes. English video-movie activities, listening activities, and English language practice. Our computer lab is provided by our school to students who attend our institution.
We have a Library Lab with a collection of English language books of information and similar resources to help students find information about their own personal interests. We made it accessible for all levels of the language. Students can access any books related to the language and study in our facility. We provide tables, chairs and other comfortable resources for a good environment of studies.
Students have access to our conference room. The conference room is used for students’ presentations of topics learned in class, students’ debates, and parties such as (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Birthdays and others).
Tables, couches, refrigerator, microwave, and other dining utensils are available for student and staff use.
The cafeteria is located on-site with snacks and drinks for purchase.

Note: Our facility is handicap accessible.


Current Students

Our student body is composed of individuals from countries throughout the world. Through the acquistion of English, these students develop a level of mutual respect and are able to learn of other cultures through active interaction.


We receive applications on daily basis from students around the world desiring to study English in the U.S. The English language is not only indispensable for international business but a requirement to enter any university in the the United States.


Activities are provided to allow students to interact with each other and native English speakers. Activities are also structured to allow students to share with others the culture of their home lands. Activities include opportunities to visit sites and attractions both locally and in other states.