Tuition / Scholarship


Tuition, materials, and general fees for all English levels are established annually by American One English Schools. A1 is a private institution, and significant portions of operating costs are used to pay our instructors, staff, and facilities. A1 assesses lower tuition fees to those who need financial assistance, such as low home income, type of work, number of children, and number of payments. We also assist students who qualify for a scholarship to apply to the DWS (Department of Workforce Services).
Credits Hours/Week Total Hours/Semester Homework Hours/Semester Total Hours of study 4 Months
16.0 256 240 496

Make a Payment:

American One English Schools is also flexible with tuition. Students who cannot afford tuition, or do not have the support of their families, employers or financial government or institution can make an agreement with A1 to pay monthly. Students who pay full tuition without any outsider’s support will be eligible for promotions or discounts. Students can make from 1 up to 4 payments, no interest will be charged.

SCHOLARSHIPS (F-1 and Local Students)

American One English Schools has been assisting many potential and current students with different sources of scholarships. Scholarships can vary every semester. The following are the types of available scholarships for the fall semester 2020 and on.

Academic Achievement:

We recognize the academic effort of our students.

  • Best student at the entire school: The best student of the month at the entire school receives a 100%-month scholarship for the following semester.
  • Second best student at the entire school: The second-best student at the entire school receives a 50%-month scholarship for the following semester.
  • If the same student is nominated the best student at the entire school in the whole semester, four consecutive months, that student receives a 100%-semester scholarship.
  • Academic scholarships are available for each shift program, morning students, afternoon students, and Saturday students (local only).

Community Service:

We recognize students’ effort to help our campus or community.

  • Students can present a community service project for our campus or around our community. One project will be chosen every month. 1 project per student is allowed. The first 10 projects will be evaluated on bases first come first serve every month. This project must benefit our campus or our community.
  • Students will receive 100%-month scholarship after completion of the project and be presented to our students on-line or in-person.

Students’ Employment:

We recognize the support of our students in the school’s growth.

  • Students who are employed at American One and receive an academic score of 95%+ in attendance and academics will automatically receive a 100%-month scholarship in their current semester.
  • Please be advised that student’s employment is limited.

Scholarships Through the Department of Workforce Services (Local students only):

American One is an ESL (English-as-a-Second Language) school, approved by the DWS to provide English training to DWS customers. To start with your application, come to our office to provide you a letter of acceptance to our English program.

  • Basic education: GED, High School diploma English-as-a-Second Language
  • Attend school full time
  • Report your progress to your employment counselor
  • Obtain full-time employment in the field for which training was received
  • Job seekers who wish to apply for training services funding must meet eligibility requirement and appropriateness criteria
  • Requirements vary bases upon the DWS training program