Local Students


In the United States, local students live in our community. Students want to become fluent with the English language for different purposes such as job improvement, higher education goals, communication with family and better interaction with the American society.



Note: Our facility is handicap accessible.


Our student body is composed of individuals from countries throughout the world. Through the acquistion of English, these students develop a level of mutual respect and are able to learn of other cultures through active interaction.


We receive applications on daily basis from students around the world desiring to study English in the U.S. The English language is not only indispensable for international business but a requirement to enter any university in the the United States.


Activities are provided to allow students to interact with each other and native English speakers. Activities are also structured to allow students to share with others the culture of their home lands. Activities include opportunities to visit sites and attractions both locally and in other states.


Temple Square
Snowmobile in Utah is amazing!!!

One of the biggest organs in the world.

Here three of our students from Mongolia, Japan, and Mexico Ice Skating in Salt Lake City.
Murillo Chaves
Football in Utah.
Soccer in Utah.
Fishing in Utah.
Hiking in Utah.
Kajacking and finishing in Utah.
White water in Utah.

Javier Morales

Javier Morales is a professional soccer player for the Real Salt Lake. He studied at American One in 2010. He was very dedicated and improved his English skills even though he had a busy schedule. Back in 2011, Javier had an serious injury. During his recovery, he decided to continue with his education. He came back to the school to continue improving his English skills. Nowadays, Javier gives TV conferences and he can communicate in English at a professional level. In 2015, as an appreciation to the school, Javier gave Victor Ochoa a jersey after a winning match against Sporting KC. The final score was 2-1. Javier scored the first goal.

Jamilson Olave

Jamison Olave is a professional soccer player for the Real Salt Lake. In 2012 he was nominated the Mid-Season MLS Defender of the Year. Jamison is attending classes at American One English Schools. He is a very humble person, a good example of dedication, and he’s very serious with his education. He’s in an Intermediate-Advanced class. Jamison is very confident when he communicates with people in English, even though having a very busy schedule, he puts in the time and has the desire to master his English skills. On August 22nd 2015, Jamison gave Victor Ochoa his jersey right after the game. After a winning match of 2-0 against Seattle. Jamison didn’t let the opposing team score. American One English Schools is very grateful to Jamison Olave for this token of gratitude. Thank you Jamilson!

Raul Melo

The idea of the trip was not only to snowboard, but also to improve my English skills. In my opinion, Salt Lake City (SLC)was the best destination because of the many ski resorts and I was able to keep in touch with American One English Schools through an advisor. Our advisor was a very attentive and nice person, who left me confident about the quality of the course that we would apply for. We had private classes and also classes in a group. Our classes were amazing. We learned English through having fun. Our advisor arranged an English course that perfectly attended to our needs. Our English skills were taken to the next level. I feel that I had accomplished my mission in Utah. I improved my English skills and my snowboarding in ways that I could have imagined before.

Andresa Lopes

Students like Andresa visit Temple Square located at 10 minutes from our school. Temple Square. Experience the peace and tranquility of beautiful Temple Square with a complimentary tour of Utah’s most visited attraction. Tours of the beautifully landscaped 10-acre property are available in 40 languages, English as the main.

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