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American One is a CEA accredited institution that offers one of the best programs in ESL, TOEFL, GED, and U.S. CITIZENSHIP preparation. The school is a leader in English Education, and our campus is located in one of the safest places in the United States of America.

  • A1 provides one of the best English programs in the United States.
  • Dynamic classes help the student learn English in an efficient manner.
  • Our goal is to enable students to implement their acquired English skills in their educational, professional, and private lives.
  • American One English Schools maintain working relationships with many international companies.
  • The need for strong English communication skills is essential to the development and achievement of corporate goals for these diverse industries.



Overview, Beginners, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, College Preparation


Overview, Beginners, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, College Preparation


AMERICAN ONE Standardized Tests: Toefl, Ged, Citizenship

What People Say


Javier Morales


Javier Morales is a professional soccer player for Real Salt Lake. He studied at American One in 2010. He was very dedicated and improved his English skills even though he had a busy schedule. Back in 2011, Javier had a serious injury. During his recovery, he decided to continue his education. He came back to the school to continue improving his English skills. Nowadays, Javier gives TV conferences and he can communicate in English at a professional level. In 2015, as an appreciation to the school, Javier gave Victor Ochoa a jersey after a winning match against Sporting KC. The final score was 2-1. Javier scored the first goal.


Jamilson Olave


Jamison Olave is a professional soccer player for Real Salt Lake. In 2012 he was nominated the Mid-Season MLS Defender of the Year. Jamison is attending classes at American One English Schools. He is a very humble person, a good example of dedication, and he’s very serious with his education. He’s in an Intermediate-Advanced class. Jamison is very confident when he communicates with people in English, even though having a very busy schedule, he puts in the time and has the desire to master his English skills. On August 22nd, 2015, Jamison gave Victor Ochoa his jersey right after the game. After a winning match of 2-0 against Seattle. Jamison didn’t let the opposing team score. American One English Schools is very grateful to Jamison Olave for this token of gratitude. Thank you Jamilson!


Raul Melo

The idea of the trip was not only to snowboard but also to improve my English skills. In my opinion, Salt Lake City (SLC)was the best destination because of the many ski resorts and I was able to keep in touch with American One English Schools through an advisor. Our advisor was a very attentive and nice person, who left me confident about the quality of the course that we would apply for. We had private classes and also classes in a group. Our classes were amazing. We learned English by having fun. Our advisor arranged an English course that perfectly attended to our needs. Our English skills were taken to the next level. I feel that I had accomplished my mission in Utah. I improved my English skills and my snowboarding in ways that I could have imagined before.


Andresa Lopez

Students like Andresa visit Temple Square located at 10 minutes from our school. Temple Square. Experience the peace and tranquility of beautiful Temple Square with a complimentary tour of Utah’s most visited attraction. Tours of the beautifully landscaped 10-acre property are available in 40 languages, English as the mai


Alejandra De la Cruz


“ I have been studying English at American One English School for 2 months. I’m taking English classes. At the start, I couldn’t understand at all because our teacher speaks as she does normally in her life but now I understand almost everything. Recently I have watched movies in English and I understand them, except when actors speak really fast. In the lesson, we start doing a quiz about the last lesson and at the end of the lesson, we do another quiz to keep on our mind fresh. Also, the teacher asks us what we are doing on weekends or what happened during the last week and then we discuss our adventures. I think warming up makes me relax and comfortable speaking English. I think learn and think in English is difficult and makes people nervous but classes in American One English School are very fun and relaxing. And my English is improving without studying hard!. ”

Google Reviews

    5 star review  The best school you can learn English. Studying here, you not only learn English but also experience American culture. They provide some activities outside of school. Also, the staffs are really nice!

    thumb Atita Saisopa

    5 star review  I have worked here for about 5 years and it has been my dream job. I can be a mom to my kids during the day and teach at night. Victor has always been supportive and the students are great. I've made so many great relationships with them and the staff. I recommend this school as a place to study and to work.

    thumb Teresa Arroyo

    5 star review  Just to tell a little bit about my experience here, I was with another type of visa and it was about to expire, so I heard that the owner of this school help students to get their change of status to an F1 visa (student visa) and so I decided to try with him. In the past I saw many lawyers that wanted more money than I can afford (just for their work) plus immigration fees. I had a good experience with him. It was inexpensive and I got my change of status approved. The staff there is very friendly and the teachers are pretty good too. Highly recommend this school.

    thumb good time


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